An activity space is the usage of part of a field for your own activities. For example, wide games or a picnic.

  • All groups that use Woodhouse Park need to book, so we know who is turning up.
  • Activity spaces are now charged on per a per person basis for all groups.
  • You may not have exclusive use of a field, other groups may be using it. Please be courteous to other users.
  • During the winter the Severn toilet block may be closed and water turned off to the Severn and Yeo fields. Please check if this may effect you.
  • Activities can be booked separately.
  • Altar Fires are available and can be booked here.
  • There is no rubbish or recycling collection – take your rubbish home with you.
  • Parents dropping off should park in the car park by Reception. Leaders may drive through the site to drop off equipment, but remember to close the gate onto the site.

What to bring?

  • First aid kits
  • Water bottles for adults and young people.
  • Rubbish bag. Any rubbish must be picked up from the fields and taken away from the site. There is no rubbish collection on site.
  • Mobile phone for emergencies
  • Your risk assessment and InTouch system.