Here are some useful tips for group leaders that we have put together after welcoming many visitors:

  • Make sure your parents know which group they belong to. Lots of parents come into Reception as ask where ‘the Beavers’ are – we usually have multiple different groups visiting!
  • Send out directions to get to Woodhouse Park. The post code usually takes you to further down Fernhill.
  • Tell your parents where they should park and where they will meet you. Send them a copy of the map if needed.
  • To keep costs low, we don’t have any rubbish collection from the centre. Ask parents to each take some rubbish or recycling when they leave to reduce the amount the leaders need to take. One group even removed all the packaging from the food and gave each parent a bag of rubbish to take when dropping off their young people!
  • When the leaders are getting tired, remember the shop has a bean-to-cup coffee machine to give to an extra boost!
  • If you are going to let your group visit the shop, let us know what time, so we can ensure there are volunteers available to open the shop and it doesn’t clash with other groups. A leader should also be present to control the numbers in the shop at any one time.
  • Remember the Centre is staffed mostly by volunteers, that are giving up their time to give you a great experience, so be nice to them and respect the Centre and the buildings.
  • Got some unexpected spare time in your programme? Our activities in a box are great as small filler activities and can be booked on the day by visiting Reception (subject to availability).
  • our team do are best to keep the toilets clean and tidy and will carry out checks through your visit. It is you responsibility to keep the toilets and hygienic for users. Please us the supplys that can be found in each building.