1. Decide on your accommodation

Camping, tented village or one of our lodges?

2. Check availability and book online

All of our accommodation availability can be checked online, click the book button and pick your dates.

Before completing your booking, click “continue shopping” to add activities.

3. Book activities

Use the activity search to see all of the activities that are available.

4. Add extras

Make your camp a little easier by adding some extras like tables, benches and altar fires.

5. Pay deposit

The booking system will work out the correct price and you can pay instantly by card. This will reserve all your items and stop other people from booking them. Final payment is due 7 days before your booking (we will email you).

We would prefer you to pay at the time of booking using our online booking system. However if you wish to book multiple activities or can only pay by BACS transfer please email bookings@woodhousepark.org.uk with your request.

6. Any questions?

Contact our volunteer bookings team with any questions. Remember to check our Q&A page first, as we may have already answered your question.