Volunteers – Woodhouse Park Imagineers

We currently have over 51 Woodhouse Park imaginers who do everything from cut the grass to running our amazing events. They come from all walks of life, and many already give lots of time volunteering in Scouting across Avon Scout County and beyond. We are always on the look about for new members to join the team so if you fancy helping, please do get in touch!

“We are responsible for making things happen and brining Andy’s crazy ideas to life!”

Andy – Operations Manager

Andy has been volunteering at Woodhouse Park for many years, having been on the management board since he was a young person. He has a wealth of experience in running large scale events, and has spent the previous year volunteering full time at the centre managing the reopening following Covid. Andy is also a County Adult Trainer First Aid and Nights Away Assessor, and ADC Events in Bristol South Scout District.

“My first memories of Woodhouse Park are way back when I was Cub Scout, and I have been coming back ever since! The place is full of magical Scouting memories and my job is to ensure we continue to create those in the future!”

Harry – Estates Manager

Harry has a wealth of experience as a Scout leader, and being involved in running scout campsites. Initially a volunteer with the Woodhouse Park Imagineers, we are thrilled to welcome him to our team managing our buildings and estates.

Alex – Technical Advisor

Alex Joins the team as our Technical Advisor to make sure all our staff and volunteers are well trained and follow all the necessary rules. She has been volunteering for over 20 years at Woodhouse Park and is also a Explorer Scout Leader for our Intrepid Explorer Unit.

“I love enjoy all things outdoors!”

Elizabeth – Senior Activity Instructor

Elizabeth joined the team in October 2023, having previously worked at local High ropes center. She loves climbing and recently attended the World Scout Jamboree in Korea.

Leo – Activity Instructor

Leo joined the team as an Apprentice in April 2023, and has grown up in Scouting, and volunteered as a Scout Leader, before starting his role at Woodhouse Park. Having been in Scouts as a young person and taken part in numerous activities, he has a real love for the outdoors, and is keen to share this passion, giving other young people the opportunity to do the same.

“Having competed my apprenticeship i am delighted to be staying as a full time instructor!”

David – Activity Instructor

David joined the team in Apr 2024. He brings with him a passion for the outdoors and encouraging young people to develop their skills for life!

“I am looking to develop my passion for promoting enriching outdoor activities into a career!”

Dan – Apprentice Activity Instructor

Dan joined the team in Apr 2024. He likes all things Scouting and is hopping to learn new skills and have some new experiences!

“To boldly go where no man has been before!”

Erin – Apprentice Activity Instructor

Erin joined the team in May 2024. She has been in Scouting in North East since she was a Beaver Scout and is really excited about joining the team and having her own adventure

“I am always looking for an Adventure”

Rose – Apprentice Activity Instructor

Rose joined the team in July 2023. She enjoys instructing high ropes and creating a positive environment for learning.

“I want to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible.”

Jo – Centre Administrator

Jo Joined the team in April 2022, she holds the team together organising the back office and ensuring all the emails and bookings get answered on time.

“I love working with the team and imaginers to create a centre with a welcoming environment!”

Suzzi – Head of Centre Security and Cuddles

Suzzi has been volunteering at Woodhouse Park for many years since she was a young pup. She enjoys patrolling the centre and seeking attention from guests and other animals alike. She is often found following Andy around or cuddled up in the office!

“Woof Woof!!”