Pioneering’s all about using knots and lashes to create a structure using poles and rope. You can go miniature with matchsticks and thread, opt for the edible with breadsticks and strawberry laces, or choose to make a freestanding structure using telegraph poles. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the only limit is your imagination: you can design and create anything including gadgets and camp structures.

Top Tips

  • Don’t rush. We get it – when you’re excited for the finished product it’s tempting to race to the finish. Take a moment to plan before you get stuck in, and take care along the way, and you’ll end up with a project to be proud of.  
  • Wear sturdy shoes. You may not need to worry as much if you’re using breadsticks, but if you’re getting stuck in on a bigger scale you’ll need to take care to avoid squished fingers and toes. Closed-toe, sturdy shoes are a must and you may want to look into gloves too.
  • Choose the right size. It’s often easiest to start out small (but not tiny) so you can practise structures and important lashings before you use bulky equipment.
  • Make it interesting. If you’re just starting out, it’ll probably be a while before you’re ready for the most exciting and extravagant projects. Find ways to make the simple fun, like edible pioneering or making catapults or rafts that you can play with.

Start of Session

The equipment will be taken to a suitable location for the activity, and you will be advised where this is.

Self-Led Guidance