Body Zorbs are an inflatable ball, that covers your entire upper body leaving your legs free and available to run around. You can partake in an array of different body zorb activities from zorb football to wrestling, the choice is yours. Take full advantage of body zorbing as you seek to knock your family and friends over. 

Body Zorbing is entirely safe and a great way to exercise, as you step into your zorb (inflatable ball) what can you expect. Each zorb is compartmentalised into 2 sections, an inner layer that is made from plastic and has hand straps and an outer layer that uses hand-wearing flexible plastic. There is an air gap between both layers to act as a cushion and keep you safe at all times.

Please get in touch with us direct to book the body zorbs. This is to ensure the correct volunteer staff are available to prepare the activity for your session.

You can call us on 01454 613006 or email at