With Woodhouse Park returning to Avon Scouts management in October 2021 the Board of Trustees of Avon Scouts have established a small subcommittee to review how the activity centre should operate in the future.

A survey of our members has shown that there is an overwhelming requirement for a local activity centre that is able to provide cost effective residential and activity provision. The survey also reaffirmed the development of improved on-site facilities is essential for the continued attraction of the site to Scouts and other Youth Groups.

The future of Woodhouse Park subcommittee are currently developing a long-term vision for the activity centre which is focused on:

  • The needs of the Scout training programme with its emphasises on a programme of activities focussed on the outdoors, for which the centre was originally purchased.
  • The expectations of young people and adults that sites such as Woodhouse Park provided a high standard of accommodation and facilities
  • The opportunity for young people to experience, through a range of outdoor activities, the ‘Great Outdoors’ in a safe and positive manner, developing important life skills whilst enjoying the benefits of physical activity.
  • The provision of co-educational facilities.
  • The need to provide accessible facilities for less able members of the organisation.

Whatever path is taken in terms of the Centre’s operation in the future it is recognised that there is going to be a need for significant investment to update the infrastructure of the centre. Balanced against this is the requirement to ensure that the centre does not operate at an ongoing deficit at a level which Avon County Scout Council could not continue to cover. As this would ultimately lead to the closure of the facility and the loss of outdoor adventure for young people for generations to come.

With Woodhouse Park Activity Centre coming back under the control of Avon Scouts there is an exciting future to look forward to for the centre. Further details of the plans for the centre will be shared once these have been defined and agreed by the Board of Trustees.

The running of the activity centre will rely on volunteers to support the centre. Find out how you can get involved.